A Message from Jess Norman to Colonel George Douglas

The following is a Facebook message from Jess Norman to Colonel George Douglas, Dean of Students and Class of 1960 Howe graduate.

"I'm going to Central to be a teacher. I am determined to make a difference in the lives around me. I had a somewhat unstable home life growing up, and the people that encouraged, inspired, and kept me on track and headed in the right direction, were the teachers and adults (at Howe) like you!

Before I went to Howe, I considered myself to be a pretty hopeless cause. Howe really did help me realize my full potential, and make me want to do better. While I was unable to return, as badly as I wanted, for financial reasons, I continued to do much better not only in school, but in life, and as a person as a result of my year there.

So, if I never got the chance before to say it, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My goal is to hopefully, affect the lives of my students and others I come into contact with, the way you do daily.

I feel the best way to give back all the guidance and help I received from teachers and faculty through my life is to become a teacher myself. But not one that just reads out of a textbook and sits behind a desk. I want to be involved. I want to make a difference. I intend to do just that."

Jess Norman, with Permission