Mr. George Douglass


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Colonel (Retired) George Douglass graduated from Howe Military School in 1960 and from Heidelberg College in 1964 with an AB in history. He received his master's degree from Kent State University with a major in African history in 1971. Colonel Douglass entered the Army after college and was commissioned a second lieutenant of infantry in 1965 upon graduating from Infantry Officer Candidate School. After completing the U.S. Army Ranger School in 1965, he was assigned as an instructor at the Mountain Ranger Camp in Dahlonega, Georgia. In 1966 Colonel Douglass was assigned as an infantry platoon leader in the Republic of Vietnam, where he earned three bronze stars for valor and a Purple Heart. His military career has included a tour as an R.O.T.C. instructor at Kent State University from 1971-1975. Shortly after the shootings at Kent State, Colonel Douglass managed to rebuild the university's R.O.T.C. program and significantly increased its enrollment. He has had two tours in Washington, D.C. His first assignment was as the chief of the Army’s military police operations and the second tour was with the Defense Intelligence Agency. In addition, he has served in multicultural assignments in Puerto Rico, Germany, Okinawa, and Malaysia, where he was the first American to attend and graduate from the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College. Colonel Douglass’s last assignment before retiring was as the defense attaché in Burma, where he was the chief military advisor to the ambassador and worked with the State Department. He dealt with not only the host country’s military but also with the military attachés of ten other countries. All of these assignments provided Colonel Douglass with a sound background to return to his alma mater in 1993. Upon returning to Howe, Colonel Douglass was the senior army instructor. During this time he completed correspondence study with the Montreal Diocesan Theological College, which is affiliated with McGill University of Montreal, Canada, and was ordained a deacon in the Episcopal Church in 2003. Colonel Douglass has worn many hats during his time at Howe, including serving as the assistant chaplain, dean of students, and senior army instructor. All of these assignments, along with his military career, prepared him for selection as the Superintendent of Howe Military Academy in September of 2011.

Colonel Douglass and his wife, Nancy, have three children: Shannon Doublass Fox, '93; (Army) Captain Andrew K. Douglass; and Matthew Douglass. Shannon is married to Staff Sergeant Ryan Fox, '98 U.S. Marine Corps.

Colonel Douglass feels Howe is an educational multiplier for parents and guardians, and especially for the cadets. This effect is achieved through the military model, which assists in the maturation, socialization, and education of Howe's cadets. The military model provides the cadets with a platform built on the concept of concern for others. As students progress through the ranks they learn to empathize with the needs of others and to sustain their health and welfare. Colonel Douglass believes that Howe develops leaders by immersing the cadet corps in both the practical aspects and classroom instruction of leadership. The ethical aspects of leadership, strongly emphasized in a Howe education, continually remind the cadets of their duties toward each other. Howe instills in each cadet the ability to work and get along with others, traits Colonel Douglass regards as necessary for a successful life.